We had an exciting lineup of speakers preparing to join us the last conference in August of 2022.

Amongst them were:

Dr Matthieu Bouchon, Centre INRAE Clermont Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, on the latest developments in their cow-calf contact system trials

Paul Browning on rapid detection and elimination of biofilms in dairy processing plants

Professor Pippa Chapman, University of Leeds, on soil management for sustainable agriculture

Dr Julia Cooper, Newcastle University, on nutrient cycling in dairy farming systems

Dr Keith Cutler, Synergy Farm Health, on the diagnostic and management challenge of bovine Tuberculosis

Ruth Dalton, a native livestock specialist, on approaches to managing dairy animals on pasture and implications for biodiversity

Dr Dennis D’Amico, University of Connecticut, on microbial community evolution in cheese made with soured milk cultures

Dr Bruno Giboudeau, founder of the Obsalim method, on the use of the microcoagulation test to assess the quality of milk for cheesemaking

Dr Phil Hogarth, Lead Scientist for Bovine Tuberculosis at the UK’s Animal & Plant Health Agency, on the progress of the Agency’s TB cattle vaccine programme

Dr Stefan Irmler, Agroscope, on causes and controls of histamine development in cheese

Professor Michael Lee, Harper Adams University, on pasture-based solutions towards Net Zero dairy

Paul Muto, Oliver Seeds, on field-level plant biodiversity and the limits of herbal leys

Professor Cath Rees, University of Nottingham, on progress with tests to detect bovine Tuberculosis in milk and blood samples

Dr Jeanne Ropars, Université Paris-Saclay, on the domestication of Penicillium moulds and implications for cheesemakers

Dr Sally-Ann Spence of Dung Beetles for Farmers on the importance of dung beetles for maintaining healthy ecosystems