Presentations 2022

We are delighted to share these selected presentations with the wider world.


Developing a deployable cattle vaccine for bovine Tuberculosis

Dr Phil Hogarth, Lead Scientist for Bovine TB, Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA)


New understanding of bovine TB transmission within herds: what can be done now to improve control?

Professor Cath Rees, University of Nottingham


The diagnostic and management challenge of bovine Tuberculosis

Keith Cutler, Synergy Farm Health


Microbial dynamics of Cornerstone cheese produced and aged at different locations

Dr Dennis D’Amico, University of Connecticut


Histamine formation in cheese: causes, consequences and remediation measures

Dr Stefan Irmler, Agroscope, Switzerland


Domestication of cheese fungi

Dr Jeanne Ropars, Université Paris-Saclay


Ladybug: a co-designed dairy farm to test innovative practices that match citizen expectations

Dr Matthieu Bouchon, INRAE Herbipole Marcenat


Return of the native: could artisan cheese save rare breeds?

Ruth Dalton, farming and wildlife specialist


Achieving diversity in grassland: how much is enough?

Paul Muto, Oliver Seeds


Sequestering carbon in soils: separating fact from fiction

Dr Julia Cooper, Newcastle University


Grassland management for climate change and sustainability

Professor Pippa Chapman, University of Leeds


Pasture-based solutions towards Net Zero dairy

Professor Michael Lee, Harper Adams University