Presentations 2016

Technical aspects of wooden board use

Stéphane Gavoye, ACTALIA, France


Microbial biofilms on wood and their anti-Listerial effects

Valérie Michel, ACTALIA, France


Analytical Methods and Knowledge of VTEC Behaviour in Cheese

Valérie Michel, ACTALIA, France


Highly-Pathogenic Shiga-toxin Producing E. coli at farm Level

Sabrina Raynaud, Institut de l’Elevage, France


Crystals in Bloomy and Washed-Rind Cheeses and their Impact on Surface Grittiness

Gil Tansman, University of Vermont


Grazing Systems and Farmhouse Cheesemaking

Bruno Martin, INRA-Thiex, Auvergne


The Relationship Between Grazing, Milk Fat Composition, and Microbial Dynamics in Cheese

Céline Delbes, INRA-Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne