Confirmed speakers for 2018

  • Dr Catherina Berge, a preventive animal health and welfare specialist with particular interest in managing risk factors associated with raw milk production
  • Dr Celine Delbes of the INRA Cheese Research Centre, on new research about microbes’ path from farm to milk to cheese, and how we can influence it
  • Dr Bruno Martin, INRA Herbivore Nutrition Unit, who will present the results of a ground-breaking multi-year grazing study
  • Professor Cath Rees of the University of Nottingham, with an update on progress towards better testing for and control of M bovis
  • Professor Christopher Reynolds, University of Reading School of Agriculture, on the influence of diet, including supplemental fats, on milk composition
  • Dr Benjamin Wolfe, Tufts University, on advances in our understanding of the microbiome of fermented foods

…and more to come soon…